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Your business partner in structures of CLT and glue-laminated timber

Solid Timber is your partner for innovative timber structures. We deliver structural designs and construction drawings. Besides, we are eager to contribute in the design process in order to achieve the best possible design, together with other project parties, for your future timber building.

We use our expertise in timber engineering for housing, offices, schools or other commercial buildings. Our experiences in both architecture and timber engineering gained over many years we utilize for a new generation of sustainable buildings.

“Now the climate is ruling the world and sustainability is becoming standard,

building with timber is the future!”

– Solid Timber –

CO2 storage. Wood stores CO2 instead of emitting it!

Construction process. Construction time, prefabrication and flexibility determine the construction process of the future.

Human & environment. The healthy indoor climate and the environmentally friendly construction method gives wood a leading position in future construction.