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A sustainable product deserves a sustainable design

Solid Timber wants to join the design proces in an early stage so that we can contribute to a sustainable application of timber products besides being merely a material provider. We deliver structural calculations and – drawings for your timber structures. Moreover, we can provide constructional services on detailing, insulation and fire – and acoustic design in order to achieve a qualitative and sustainable building design. We want to employ the multiple years of experience on the Dutch – and Scandinavian market to attain sustainable perfection!

But what is sustainable perfection?

Material. According to Solid Timber it’s above all the utilized material, wood! The only renewable building material which stores CO2 instead of emitting this gas harmful for the environment. Starting with a planted seed growing to a fullgrown tree providing a material to realize the most beautiful buildings.. to us that’s the nature on its best!

Health. The positive effects of a natural environment with wood on our health and wellbeing are shown by researches.

Life span. Sustainability is also life span. A correct material application, a flexible building which can be adjusted to the user and a quality product are all aspects defining the life span of a building.

Building process. Starting with the first design sketches up till the last building finishes, the whole building process affects the quality of a building. Sustainable perfection in the building process finds especially in cooperation between all building partners. The willingness of creating a qualitative and sustainable product is essential. Solid Timber wants to work with such parties!