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What is CLT?

CLT is a solid timber panel build out of cross-laminated spruce boards. The build-up carries for a form stable timber product which is applicable for both walls and floors. The structural properties gives rise to large floor spans and structurally stiff wall structures for medium-rise buildings. Simple connections between the CLT panels results in a very quick assembly process. Besides, CLT panels are simply adjustable with manual tools. Due to moisture regulating properties of wood, CLT panels contribute to a healthy – and comfortable indoor climate. Moreover, the solid timber construction gives a high fire resistance and favourable acoustic properties to a building.

Floors of CLT can be designed with large spans which gives flexibility in plan design. A dry assembly method results in a rational – and efficient erection process.

Walls of CLT is mainly chosen because of high bearing capacity and stabilizing properties. Besides, positive building physical properties of the material contribute to a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. Moreover, CLT construction results in a high fire resistance and improved acoustic properties. Contact us for specific solutions to your fire resistance – and acoustic requirements.

Roofs made out of CLT can be part of the stabilizing structure and can be finished with a large variety of roof cladding materials.

Why CLT?

CLT is very easy to build with. Large elements and simple joints carry for a quick assembly process which has a positive effect on the total construction costs. The material can be modified with simple manual tools which is favourable for drilling holes to electrical installations for example.

Low weight material. A relatively low weight of CLT panels is favourable for erection. A small building crane is required for assembly. Wood has a density which is about five times lower than concrete which makes it favourable for construction on top off existing buildings and less complicated ground works.

Dimensional stability. CLT consists of cross-laminated solid wood which gives the end product a good dimensional stability. CLT is comparable with concrete with respect to structural properties and robustness.

High bearing capacity and large spans. Due to cross-laminated build-up, CLT panels are strong and stiff giving the possibility to floor spans up to 8 meters and up to 12 meters with reinforced glulam webs.

High degree of prefabrication. CLT panels are usually produced with dimensions up to 3 x 16 meters. With the help of CNC processing, CLT panels can be provided with openings and cuts to simplify erection on-site.

No drying time. Since CLT doesn’t need drying time, constructions can be finished directly with complemental materials which results in a more efficient assembly process.

Dimensional precision. CLT is produced in a quality-guaranteed factory environment where CNC processing results in a high precision of dimensions. This gives a reduction in assembly time without any readjustments on-site.

Comfortable indoor climate. Because CLT can be delivered in multiple surface qualities – industry to visible – it’s possible to create attractive interiors. The highest surface quality can also be delivered with a planed surface. Due to the moisture regulating properties of wood contributes CLT above all to a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

High fire resistance. The solid CLT panels given magnificent performances on fire resistance. A five-layered CLT panel can give a 60 minuts fire resistance to a construction without any finishes. Contact us for your specific fire technical constructions.

An environmentally smart choice. CLT is produced from a renewable resource and is manufactured by a energy efficient production process with a low impact on the environment. The material is part of a natural cycle in which CO2 is stored during its whole life. CLT can be delivered with both PEFC®- and FSC®-certification (FSC-C107490).

Floor spans

Floor span table below is applicable for multiple life loads where deflections are calculated according to NEN-EN 1990, NEN-EN 1991 and NEN-EN1995-1-1 and an additional permanent load of 50 kg/m². Click here to download the floor span table.

Standard details

Standard connections of CLT floor-, wall- and roof elements are shown below. Requirements and starting points with respect to structural design, fire, sound, thermical insulation and moisture are depending on the type and size of your project. Contact us for possible solutions to your specific design.

Overview of standard connections

Details foundation

Details wall

Details floor

Details roof

Surface qualities

Click here for an overview of the code for surface qualities.


CLT panels have a maximum width of 3000 mm and can be delivered in multiple thickness’ and lengths up to 16 meter.