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Glulam consists of finger jointed spruce or pine boards which are glued to beams of desired dimensions.

Natural structural material. Glulam is also called the natural answer to other conventional building materials such as concrete and steel.

Flexibility in design. Glulam has a higher structural strength in comparison to its density than concrete or steel. Thus glulam is an ideal material for large spans and open plan spaces in buildings. Besides, adjustments like holes and openings are simply conducted on-site.

Fire safe.  Glulam burns in a predictable way with a constant charring rate which is positive for a structrural judgement after the occurence of a fire.

An environmentally friendly choice. Glulam is manufactured from a renewable resource and is produced by a energy efficient manufacturing process with minimal impact on the environment. The raw material is part of  a natural cycle in which CO2 is stored during the whole life. Glulam can be delivered with both PEFC®- and FSC®-certification (FSC-C107490).