New extension primary school De Wissel in solid timber

Commissioned by GPO-WN, SolidTimber will take care of the solid timber main supporting structure for the extension of the reformed primary school De Wissel in Utrecht.

This extension will consist out of the addition of 3 extra classrooms and a new entrance in connection to the existing structure. On the inside of the classrooms, solid timber CLT surfaces of both walls and ceiling are deliberately chosen to be completely in sight. The natural moisture accumulating operation of the wood will thereby contribute to a controlled humidity of the indoor climate, thus reducing the chance of headache, loss of concentration and dry eyes of the children are limited to an absolute minimum.

The construction and design of these classrooms is also a pilot project for GPO-WN to build as much as possible with natural materials in the direct learning and working environment of the children.

Start of construction is planned for late July 2017.


Client: GPO-WN

Architect: Sineth Building maintenance

Engineer steel structure: Pensera

Engineer timber structure: SolidTimber