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A natural resource

Our timber products are exclusively produced from sustainable grown forest. All factories of supplier Martinsons are certified according to the strict PEFC standards. These standards certifies the sustainability of Martinsons products from raw material till end product. The use of wood of exclusively sustainable managed forests and the accompanying manufacturing processes are regularly checked by independed external parties.

Waste = energy

During production processes of our timber products no waste is produced. This means that the raw material wood is utilized for 100%. After delivery Martinsons processes the raw material till sawn timber, solid timber panels, glulam and CLT. Waste wood as by product from production such as bark, leftovers, wood chippings, saw dust and wood shavings are processed to bio fuels or converted to climate neutral thermic energy. The bio fuel supplies the required energy for the factories. In this way no alternative energy is needed and makes it possible to produce climate neutral. Both end products and their required energy for production can be obtained from the raw material.

Active climate protection

The application of timber in buildings covers double climate protection. Firstly, CO2 from the atmosphere is stored in the construction material wood. During a trees early years of growth the most CO2 is stored, so that an active forestry policy gives positive effects on the environment. Secondly, timber as a building material replaces other conventional building materials as steel and concrete, which require fossil fuels for their production processes.