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Facts & figures

Year of foundation

Annual turnover


Production capacity




1,4 miljard SEK (ca 150 million Euro)

ca 430

470 000 m³ (200 000 m³ spruce and 270 000 m³ pine)

saw mill, sawn timber, glulam, building systems and bridges

Martinsons – development and innovation

An innovative force. An innovative spirit is evident throughout Martinsons’ history. It was evident when Karl Martinson laid the company’s foundation at the end of the 1920s through his purchase of a mobile sawmill, and it is evident today in the form of industry-leading construction solutions within such areas as building systems and the next generation of wooden bridges. The ability to generate new ideas and this innovative, driving force were important factors when the company began, and continue to guide Martinsons today.

The courage to believe in your ideas. Still, an innovative spirit in itself doesn’t count for much if you don’t have the courage to dare to take a chance and give your innovative ideas an opportunity to develop. One of Martinsons’ strengths is its daring and the willingness to believe in its ideas. One example of this was Martinsons’ foresight in recognising the potential of glulam in its early stages during the 1960s, and then building its own factory for glulam manufacture. Today, Martinsons is Sweden’s leading glulam manufacturer. This foresight and daring have also seen the company go against the tide and be willing to invest rather than cut back, even in times of economic downturn.

The desire to lead development. It might be said that the Martinsons spirit has its roots in what is known as typically ‘northern Swedish’: a genuine, down-to-earth approach that makes doing business easy and builds trust among customers, combined with a large helping of the stubbornness characteristic of northern Swedes and a strong desire to succeed. The competitive instinct which exists at Martinsons means we’re not satisfied with simply following when it comes to development within wood processing and to new technology. We want to be a part of and even lead the charge.

Martinsons – environmental policy

Martinsons’ management system functions as an important tool for overseeing the company’s operations and offers a good picture of our view on the environment, energy and quality. Our work is inspired by the opportunity to contribute to a better environment and it is our firm belief that this ideal should permeate all aspects of our business.

All Martinsons facilities are included in our certifies environmental management system, in line with ISO 14001-2004, which certifies that consideration for the environment is included as a standard part of our operations and that we take steps that promote the environment by preventing damage before it occurs.

Martinsons is also connected with PFE, a programme in which we undertake to map the energy consumed by our operations and implement measures which lead to more efficient energy use. The wood processing industry is energy intensive. An important element in Martinsons’ environmental work is our use of the most environmentally friendly energy possible. We supply 70 per cent of the group’s total energy needs by extracting energy from our factories’ waste products.

At Martinsons, we’re convinced that our conscientious work to protect the environment and our high standards of quality in the manufacture of our products are important aspects in our relationship with our customers. Our customers can feel secure in the knowledge that the products we deliver have been produced in a way that considers their impact on the environment – something which we believe is important to our customers.

Martinsons – quality

The timber products originate from Northern-Swedish forests. The rather cold climate carries for slowly growing conifers resulting in a high quality timber with good properties for constructional purposes such as strength, dimensional stability and durability. All products are FSC® Mix certified which ensures that it’s aimed to satisfiy the requirements for sustainable forestry and traceability of raw materials. Complete certifications can be downloaded here.

Martinsons – production

Martinsons’ ultra-modern saw mills are the basis for all activities within the company. The saw mills in Bygdsiljum, Hällnäs and Kroksjön – all located in the county of Västerbotten – produce together 470 000 m³ of wood annually. This is divided in sawn timber, glulam, CLT and other building products and – components for the furniture industry. In the past decade a total amount of 500 million SEK (ca 50 million Euro) is invested in the three saw mills in order to guarantee both a high production capacity and high quality standard.


Factory Bygdsiljum


Factory Hällnäs


Factory Kroksjön