SolidTimber engineered CLT structure Hieronymuserf, Utrecht

Commissioned by EDWIN OOSTMEIJER project development BV, SolidTimber has realized the design of the solid timber structure of 9 houses. The future town houses will be erected in the heart of the city centre of Utrecht, at the Hieronymuserf.

On top of the concrete underground basement, the main supporting structure per house exists for 100% out of a solid timber CLT structure; which means per house an amount of aprox. 77.5 m³ of wood.

The start of construction is planned in the spring of 2018.

For more information about this project:

Client: EDWIN OOSTMEIJER projectontwikkeling

Architect: StudioPlus Architecten

Engineer basement: BREED Integrated Design

Engineer timber structure: SolidTimber

Installations: Technion